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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

*The Vision of ACUC is to equip and train students in practical ministry, and activate their leadership potential.

As well as to call forth young people to effect change in their generation through a Jesus Revolution.


* That can satisfy your taste for the Word of God?
* Where ministers, business men and women, elders, deacons, and deaconesses, Christian workers and people of all works of life are set
on FIRE OF THE HOLY GHOST towards the ministry in the POWER OF THE SUPERNATURAL, yet with a bible balance?
* Where the practical and theoretical are blended in such a way that students are involved in the action while learning Principles in classroom.
* Where you can study on correspondence without affecting your Job?
* That exposes young people to the ministries of some of today's most effective Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, Apostles
and teachers.
* That is within the reach of even the most modest of financial resources.
* That trains children Workers, Missionaries, Evangelists and Pastors Etc...

Our Mission

The Mission of ACUC is divided into five parts as follows:

* Reaching The Lost - Operation    Vomit All
* Equipping The Saints - Training For Quality Impact
* Healing To The Whole Man - All Round Freedom
* Mission To Africa - mobilizing Africans To Reach Africans
* Mission To Whole World - Impacting The Whole World

The purpose of Apostolic Christian University College is to develop leaders for local church ministry and other God honoring vocations, therefore only students with a clear testimony of personal salvation in Jesus Christ may enroll. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the following factors when making an admissions decision to the college:

1. Clear salvation testimony
2. Good Christian character as identified in your essay and character references
3. Faithful attendance at a Bible preaching church
4. A desire to learn in a conservative, God honoring environment
5. High school diploma or GED
6. Evidence of an academic foundation necessary to succeed at an academically rigorous college (High School Transcripts,etc)